A Creative Spark

Call me crazy, but I’ve learned that I am more creative when I have a completely packed schedule and a long list of To-do’s!

We’ve been very busy since the start of 2013. It’s wrestling season and business has been busier than it normally is during this time of year.

I’ve committed to several volunteer opportunities in the upcoming months. Coaching for Girls On the Run, sitting on the board of our local youth recreation department and planning a golf tournament to raise funds for new wrestling mats.

Go ahead, say it… Are you insane?!?! My sister already made it very clear she doesn’t understand why I volunteer myself for so many things that take up my time. But the truth is, I do it because it makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I am giving back to a community that gives our family so much.

So I keep on trucking, notebooks and smart phone in hand!

In regards to my last post, I have decided on which Half Marathon to run this spring. A friend posted on Facebook that she is planning to run the Diva Half Marathon in North Myrtle Beach on April 28th. I messaged her and the rest is history… It is looking to be an EXCELLENT opportunity for a Girl’s Weekend as well as a fun race! Two other friends will be running with me and a group of first timers too. I am really excited! Thanks Lisa!!

Diva's N.M.B

This afternoon I decided that I was in the mood for a creative at home workout to perform this evening while the “boys” were off at wrestling practice. I started with a 10:00 minute cardio HIIT warm-up. My bootcampers love these workouts when we are in session… NOT! Just ask them, these are brutal, especially when it is 100 degrees! I followed the warm-up with an Upper Body Strength session.

Here is what I completed:

HIIT Warm-up (10 rounds of :50 moving, :20 rest)


Plié Jacks

Jumping Lunges

High Knees

Butt Kicks


Jumping Jacks

Mummy Kicks


Jog in Place


Upper Body Strength (3 rounds of 15 reps.)

Wide Pushups


Lateral Shoulder Raise

Bent Over Row

Reverse Flye

Tricep Kickback

Bicep Curl

Tricep Extension

Hammer Curl

Shoulder Press

 I was SWEATING throughout this workout!! It’s a keeper!

Speaking of keepers, I intended to pull a workout from my “red folder” of bootcamp workouts, but I can’t find it anywhere. 😦

I am going on a hunt for it tomorrow.

Tell me, what have your workouts looked like lately?

All the best,



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