I’m a quitter… Why I quit p90x

I’m a quitter… Wow, I feel so much better getting that off my chest!!

We had great intentions coming off Insanity and essentially moving right into p90x.

Then we realized that we had set ourselves up for failure coming from one strict program to another.

We were craving variety and following another program was not going to provide it.

So we QUIT! And it was very liberating!!

What are we doing now you ask?

Whatever we want to!

Last week looked like this for me:

Monday 10/21 – Unplanned Rest Day (A crazy busy schedule will do that!)

Tuesday 10/22 – Georges St. Pierre (GSP) Rushfit Full Body Strength and Conditioning Workout and participated while teaching Bootcamp

Wednesday 10/23 – Insanity Month 1 Pure Cardio

Thursday 10/24 – GSP Explosive Power Training

Friday 10/25 – Insanity Upper Body Weight Training (DVD Bonus that came with our set – Killer Workout!!)

Overall I am enjoying the opportunity to mix it up! The Hubs has also been getting in an extra workout while coaching wrestling so we both have the option for 2-a-days if we desire!

I am planning to pick up some more running dates with my girls really soon and also throw in some of my old favorite workouts of my own creation!

Oh, and I just got a tractor tire to flip… Should be interesting!

Goodbye for now,




  1. Good job listening to your body and mixing it up! I have Jeff cross training me 2-3 times per week and my fav part of the workout so far is the battling ropes and sledge hammer! I have been only running for too long and I need these strength traning sessions!

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