Teriyaki Salmon… Yum!!

I love Salmon… Ever since the first time I tried it prepared by my Aunt Dottie in Alaska, it has been one of my favorite fish to eat.

Jim isn’t a big Salmon fan. He likes is smoked on a bagel with some cream cheese or in Sushi but never preferred to eat it any other way.

Well that has changed folks!

Recently, I bought a bag of frozen Salmon fillets from BJ’s and decided to look for a new recipe to prepare them in. This bag was cost-effective and they are wild caught fillets from the North Pacific.


I searched bodybuilding.com as I usually find pretty healthy options for us there and it was a hit!

Here is the link to their version of the recipe: http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/docs/2012/teriyaki-salmon.pdf

Mine was a bit different in that I did not have sugar-free Ketchup so the regular Heinz did the trick.

I also subbed one packet of Truvia for the Splenda and added extra minced garlic. (No vampires dare enter the Grebe household!)

It turned out fabulous and is sure to make an appearance again on our dinner table! The fillets were left very moist after being grilled directly over the flame which isn’t usually the case for Salmon.

And in case you were wondering, one packet of Lipton Onion Soup mix equals just over 2 tablespoons so I just dumped the remainder in the marinade bag. The Jessye method of measurement for most recipes involves just my eyeballs anyway!




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