Hello and Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Jessye and I’m excited you’re here!

I am a former AFAA Group Fitness Instructor currently working toward my ACE Personal Training Certification. For years, I ran a Bootcamp business in North Carolina. I am also a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Soon-To-Be Air Force Wife, Girls on the Run coach, friend who often forgets to text people back, an every morning coffee drinker, pizza addict and crafty cocktail maker extraordinaire. I enjoy kitchen experiments and varied workouts. I like to keep it interesting!

I’m originally a “South” Jersey Girl (Note: NOT to be confused with the type featured on “Jersey Shore!”)

I started my fitness and healthy living journey in the Fall of 2009. Throughout my childhood and high school years, I was always active. Family meals weren’t particularly healthy, but between cheerleading, softball, volleyball and various other activities, I always managed to stay physically fit.

Several years of long work days and poor eating habits, along with pregnancy weight gain, left me with a less than satisfied view of my body. I made the decision to shape-up my diet and exercise habits after my son was born. I have been holding steady ever since!

You may wonder why I’ve named my blog Realistic Fitness. The way I see it, anyone can make the decision to steer their life to a healthier path. I am very realistic and realize that some aspects of what the health and fitness world consider “Healthy Living” seem extreme and impractical to most people.

I still drink wine/beer/cocktails, I still eat pizza and I still enjoy dessert! IN MODERATION!

Healthy living is a decision not to be taken lightly. But finding the right balance of diet and exercise can truly leave you feeling AMAZING!

In my blog, I’ll write about a lot of topics. I’ll post my workouts and my training for various races. I’ll also give examples of what I eat and recipes I cook. I will undoubtedly post randomly information about my life as well!

I hope you enjoy what I have to say, because I sure do say a lot! (Just ask the family!)

Happy reading!





One comment

  1. I so love your page Jess! You are definitely a fitness-inspiration! I am so excited to read more, learn new HEALTHY recipies and start whipping my butt into shape!

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