Right vs. Popular

There are those moments in life when following along with others and doing what everyone else is doing seems easy… It’s the “Popular” choice or path.

But what about the “Right” choice or the “Right” path?


I witness this battle each and every day.

In myself, in my family members & friends, in my clients and sometimes in strangers.

I named this blog and my business Realistic Fitness for a reason, what works for one may not work for another. Each of us needs to evaluate our reality and what is “Right” for us as an individual.

For example, I love to run as a part of my fitness routine. I consider myself a fair weather runner and only actively pursue running during the cooler months of the year when my schedule allows more time to meet my girls to hit the trail or local mega-neighborhood. I train for a longer race every couple of years. I run a few 5k races or mud runs here and there. But I don’t pound the pavement or trail daily or even weekly sometimes.

Does this make me less of a “runner” or am I simply modifying my definition of runner to what is “Right” for me?

Some hardcore runners would say I’m not a “runner” based on their definition, but I do what works for me not them.

I follow my own path and encourage others to do the same, especially when it comes to weight loss and fitness!!

Just because some fad diet plan worked for Mary down the street doesn’t mean it will work for Sue.

Just because Joe can run a half marathon without training doesn’t mean Mike should attempt it.

What I am trying to say is don’t feel discouraged if a weight loss plan or exercise routine someone else followed isn’t for you. We all need to follow our own path to reach our goals.

Don’t be afraid of failure, that’s part of the path that’s “Right” for you. Get back up and try something different.

Determine your own path, don’t just do what’s “Popular!”


If you need encouragement in this battle, send me an email or contact me.

I am happy to motivate in any way I can!!



New Perspectives

I’ve gained new perspectives over these past few months… Life is crazy and changes constantly. Often those changes are out of your control and happen in the blink of an eye.

Sometimes they help and sometimes they hinder, but they always bring a lesson to be learned!

And that marks the end of my philosophy lesson for today y’all!!

Anyway, I’m back to putting in an effort to this blogging business.

It has been an insane spring and summer in our family and I haven’t had the motivation to write at all.

Time for that to change!

I am back to teaching Bootcamp, just finished completing the entire Insanity program and am about to start p90x. I’ve got lots to share and am looking forward to plenty of exciting things to come!!

Stay tuned!!



A Creative Spark

Call me crazy, but I’ve learned that I am more creative when I have a completely packed schedule and a long list of To-do’s!

We’ve been very busy since the start of 2013. It’s wrestling season and business has been busier than it normally is during this time of year.

I’ve committed to several volunteer opportunities in the upcoming months. Coaching for Girls On the Run, sitting on the board of our local youth recreation department and planning a golf tournament to raise funds for new wrestling mats.

Go ahead, say it… Are you insane?!?! My sister already made it very clear she doesn’t understand why I volunteer myself for so many things that take up my time. But the truth is, I do it because it makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I am giving back to a community that gives our family so much.

So I keep on trucking, notebooks and smart phone in hand!

In regards to my last post, I have decided on which Half Marathon to run this spring. A friend posted on Facebook that she is planning to run the Diva Half Marathon in North Myrtle Beach on April 28th. I messaged her and the rest is history… It is looking to be an EXCELLENT opportunity for a Girl’s Weekend as well as a fun race! Two other friends will be running with me and a group of first timers too. I am really excited! Thanks Lisa!!

Diva's N.M.B

This afternoon I decided that I was in the mood for a creative at home workout to perform this evening while the “boys” were off at wrestling practice. I started with a 10:00 minute cardio HIIT warm-up. My bootcampers love these workouts when we are in session… NOT! Just ask them, these are brutal, especially when it is 100 degrees! I followed the warm-up with an Upper Body Strength session.

Here is what I completed:

HIIT Warm-up (10 rounds of :50 moving, :20 rest)


Plié Jacks

Jumping Lunges

High Knees

Butt Kicks


Jumping Jacks

Mummy Kicks


Jog in Place


Upper Body Strength (3 rounds of 15 reps.)

Wide Pushups


Lateral Shoulder Raise

Bent Over Row

Reverse Flye

Tricep Kickback

Bicep Curl

Tricep Extension

Hammer Curl

Shoulder Press

 I was SWEATING throughout this workout!! It’s a keeper!

Speaking of keepers, I intended to pull a workout from my “red folder” of bootcamp workouts, but I can’t find it anywhere. 😦

I am going on a hunt for it tomorrow.

Tell me, what have your workouts looked like lately?

All the best,


Make Time

Make time

I saw the above statement posted on Facebook today and it struck a chord with me!

For the longest time I took for granted the fact that I always had an excess of time to use for exercise.

Now having a very busy, full-time real estate career, a husband who is also a real estate broker, a kindergartener who is a motivated wrestler and that little thing called a household to run, time is simply not a given.

Being a fitness instructor was extremely helpful in guaranteeing at minimum 3 workouts per week. And on the weekends I used to always schedule a run with a friend.

Then, I stopped.

I have realized recently that I 100% must schedule exercise and running, I must MAKE the time to do the things I love to do. The things I need to do to stay healthy and feel great!

I have scheduled and completed my workouts so far this week. I have plans to run this weekend. I have made a commitment to myself to continue to do so.

I registered Jim and I for the Rugged Maniac in NC for April 20th. This will be my third year competing and Jim’s second. It gives us something to work toward and helps hold us accountable.

rugged maniac

I believe that giving yourself something to work towards helps you to stay on track. If I pay $$, I’m gonna make it worth it!

I am also contemplating another Half Marathon… If you say it, you gotta do it, right?!?!

My options so far:

The Flying Pirate Half on April 14th in the Outer Banks.

flying pirate



Run for the Warriors Half on May 19th in Jacksonville.

run for the warriors

I am debating this decision, but planning to start a training plan next week… Put up or shut up right?!?

Well, I am off to supervise little man’s after wrestling practice shower and get him ready for bed.

How would you decide between the two above races? Your input is appreciated!!


Truth is…

I’ve been less than dedicated in my fitness and clean eating for several months now…

It’s true.

I may have run several times, a 5mile race and a wonderful Thanksgiving morning airfield run with a BFF, but in reality that’s about as far as it goes.

Sporadic and half hearted running, a handful of Crossfit style workouts or strength workouts thrown in the mix and reckless abandonment when it comes to my eating habits.

There, I’ve said it, I feel better now that I’ve put it out for the public eye/ear!!

I won’t make excuses for myself. It’s my own fault. Lack of motivation is to blame. Lack of dedication too. I have the time and the resources, this I know. I simply haven’t utilized them.

It is time to get back to business.

I miss running.

I miss having sore muscles from squatting and lifting. (It’s a sick and twisted thing, but I do!)

I miss being a creature of habit and eating the same things day in and day out simply because I know they will fuel my body & workouts properly!!

The Insanity begins tomorrow. Literally…

Jim and I will be starting our daily sweat sessions with Shaun T tomorrow. I already have a run date with a friend planned for this week. The fridge is stocked with my usual favorites.

I am more than ready!

Have you ever fallen off the healthy wagon? If so, what helped you get back on?


I’m back…

I won’t even give any excuses… I have not made an effort to keep this blog up to date.

That is all about to change. Thanks to a good friend who is posting regularly to her blog, Molly, I will be putting forth some major effort to get this blog off the ground and hopefully be successful with it.

I really do have a lot to say!

My biggest reasons for getting back on the blogging wagon are my goals… I have some big ones set for myself and I am looking forward to accomplishing them.

Let’s start off with a review, shall we?

Goals: The result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

I like to set goals for myself.

 I need goals to stay motivated.

Sometimes those goals include “Shower before 3:00pm on a Sunday.”

Sometimes they are career related, sometimes they are hobby related and sometimes they aren’t related… to anything!

I also like lists, but that is a post for another day.

The Meat: My 2012 Goals

  1. Earn my Practical Yoga Instructor Certification
  2. Earn my Personal Trainer Certification
  3. Get a J-O-B… Teaching Group Fitness in a gym
  4. Grow my abandoned Real Estate Business
  5. Devote time to this blog
  6. Re-route my Boot camp Business
  7. Enjoy a few vacations with my Husband & Son. And my Mother too.
  8. Continue simplifying my life and reducing clutter. GET RID OF CRAP!!

That’s less than 10 goals to accomplish in a year.

  1. I’ve already completed the online prerequisites for my Yoga Instructor training. I just need to sign up for the one day “live” seminar.
  2. I have the study materials for my Personal Trainer Certification and have cracked them several times. I need to get serious and just plow through the HUGE textbook!
  3. For real… Someone please hire me!! I am trying hard on this one. I even drafted a new resume. I’m a determined gal; hopefully my efforts will pay off soon.
  4. The Real Estate business growth will require some time and devotion on my part but I am 100% committed to making it happen!
  5. Duh… I have some plans. Some ideas. And I will be placing them into action going forward. I even put them on my calendar!
  6. This will take a few meetings and hopefully be in full swing come April/May.
  7. Belize, Disney World and Fort Lauderdale will happen this year! And the beach too, per Bo, we didn’t step foot on an East Coast beach all last summer. L
  8. We have been actively working on this goal since we moved last May. We’ve used that sometimes sleazy yet brilliant online classified that rhymes with Smegslist and it has been successful! We’ve also had a Yard Sale, so 80’s I know, that we made a little chunk of change from and will do again once the weather heats up for good.

All in all I think I have got a solid plan for reaching all my goals this year.

I’ll update my progress come June.

What are some goals you plan to achieve?

Do you have a plan of action?