Dear Shaun T,

My calves are screaming at you and sometimes you make me want to puke.

That is all…








Make Time

Make time

I saw the above statement posted on Facebook today and it struck a chord with me!

For the longest time I took for granted the fact that I always had an excess of time to use for exercise.

Now having a very busy, full-time real estate career, a husband who is also a real estate broker, a kindergartener who is a motivated wrestler and that little thing called a household to run, time is simply not a given.

Being a fitness instructor was extremely helpful in guaranteeing at minimum 3 workouts per week. And on the weekends I used to always schedule a run with a friend.

Then, I stopped.

I have realized recently that I 100% must schedule exercise and running, I must MAKE the time to do the things I love to do. The things I need to do to stay healthy and feel great!

I have scheduled and completed my workouts so far this week. I have plans to run this weekend. I have made a commitment to myself to continue to do so.

I registered Jim and I for the Rugged Maniac in NC for April 20th. This will be my third year competing and Jim’s second. It gives us something to work toward and helps hold us accountable.

rugged maniac

I believe that giving yourself something to work towards helps you to stay on track. If I pay $$, I’m gonna make it worth it!

I am also contemplating another Half Marathon… If you say it, you gotta do it, right?!?!

My options so far:

The Flying Pirate Half on April 14th in the Outer Banks.

flying pirate



Run for the Warriors Half on May 19th in Jacksonville.

run for the warriors

I am debating this decision, but planning to start a training plan next week… Put up or shut up right?!?

Well, I am off to supervise little man’s after wrestling practice shower and get him ready for bed.

How would you decide between the two above races? Your input is appreciated!!


Truth is…

I’ve been less than dedicated in my fitness and clean eating for several months now…

It’s true.

I may have run several times, a 5mile race and a wonderful Thanksgiving morning airfield run with a BFF, but in reality that’s about as far as it goes.

Sporadic and half hearted running, a handful of Crossfit style workouts or strength workouts thrown in the mix and reckless abandonment when it comes to my eating habits.

There, I’ve said it, I feel better now that I’ve put it out for the public eye/ear!!

I won’t make excuses for myself. It’s my own fault. Lack of motivation is to blame. Lack of dedication too. I have the time and the resources, this I know. I simply haven’t utilized them.

It is time to get back to business.

I miss running.

I miss having sore muscles from squatting and lifting. (It’s a sick and twisted thing, but I do!)

I miss being a creature of habit and eating the same things day in and day out simply because I know they will fuel my body & workouts properly!!

The Insanity begins tomorrow. Literally…

Jim and I will be starting our daily sweat sessions with Shaun T tomorrow. I already have a run date with a friend planned for this week. The fridge is stocked with my usual favorites.

I am more than ready!

Have you ever fallen off the healthy wagon? If so, what helped you get back on?


March is National Nutrition Month

Did you know the Food Pyramid we all memorized during our school years has changed recently?


The new Choose My Plate is intended as a guideline for the breakdown of each of our daily meals.

I personally think it is a great new tool for everyone to better judge if they are getting enough of each food group into their daily meals.

Anyway, moving on from that, with March being National Nutrition month I am challenging myself to be extra mindful of everything that I eat and drink for the entire month. I am also challenging each of you to join me!

I know I can do it, can you?

I vow to make healthy choices about what I fuel my body with each and every day of the month. Food is fuel right??

I know it can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits, but with a little planning ahead and preparation anyone can do it!

The examples below are some of the things I am planning to do to make it through this month of great nutrition.

**Disclaimer: I am simply giving examples of what works for me, not what I think everyone should do. I am NOT a Registered Dietician or Nutritionist, just someone who is stating my opinions. If you are interested in a full nutrition plan please consult a Doctor, Registered Dietician or Nutritionist. **

Planning Your Meals = Easiest Grocery Shopping Trip EVER

I am notorious for making a grocery list without really taking a look at what’s in my pantry/freezer/fridge first. For the month ahead I am committed to writing out my menu/meal plans and doing inventory of my kitchen to see exactly what I will need to make the meals happen. Lucky for me, I’m a creature of habit and giving myself just a few options for Breakfast and Lunch will not make me unhappy. For Dinner options I have to think of the men in my household which makes things a bit more complicated but not difficult. (They are pretty easy to please!) I will also be thinking of snacks and filler items as I prefer to have a late afternoon snack to hold me through activities as we don’t typically eat our Dinner until late evening. (Think 8:00pm)




Try Something New


I will be posting some new recipes to the blog this month… Try them!!

Eat Your Veggies and Fruits


I shouldn’t have to explain this one!

Don’t Deprive Yourself


Moderation is key in healthy eating… If that Chocolate is calling your name, eat a small piece.


I look forward to sharing this challenge with you all!

Now, where did I put that grocery list??


I’m back…

I won’t even give any excuses… I have not made an effort to keep this blog up to date.

That is all about to change. Thanks to a good friend who is posting regularly to her blog, Molly, I will be putting forth some major effort to get this blog off the ground and hopefully be successful with it.

I really do have a lot to say!

My biggest reasons for getting back on the blogging wagon are my goals… I have some big ones set for myself and I am looking forward to accomplishing them.

Let’s start off with a review, shall we?

Goals: The result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

I like to set goals for myself.

 I need goals to stay motivated.

Sometimes those goals include “Shower before 3:00pm on a Sunday.”

Sometimes they are career related, sometimes they are hobby related and sometimes they aren’t related… to anything!

I also like lists, but that is a post for another day.

The Meat: My 2012 Goals

  1. Earn my Practical Yoga Instructor Certification
  2. Earn my Personal Trainer Certification
  3. Get a J-O-B… Teaching Group Fitness in a gym
  4. Grow my abandoned Real Estate Business
  5. Devote time to this blog
  6. Re-route my Boot camp Business
  7. Enjoy a few vacations with my Husband & Son. And my Mother too.
  8. Continue simplifying my life and reducing clutter. GET RID OF CRAP!!

That’s less than 10 goals to accomplish in a year.

  1. I’ve already completed the online prerequisites for my Yoga Instructor training. I just need to sign up for the one day “live” seminar.
  2. I have the study materials for my Personal Trainer Certification and have cracked them several times. I need to get serious and just plow through the HUGE textbook!
  3. For real… Someone please hire me!! I am trying hard on this one. I even drafted a new resume. I’m a determined gal; hopefully my efforts will pay off soon.
  4. The Real Estate business growth will require some time and devotion on my part but I am 100% committed to making it happen!
  5. Duh… I have some plans. Some ideas. And I will be placing them into action going forward. I even put them on my calendar!
  6. This will take a few meetings and hopefully be in full swing come April/May.
  7. Belize, Disney World and Fort Lauderdale will happen this year! And the beach too, per Bo, we didn’t step foot on an East Coast beach all last summer. L
  8. We have been actively working on this goal since we moved last May. We’ve used that sometimes sleazy yet brilliant online classified that rhymes with Smegslist and it has been successful! We’ve also had a Yard Sale, so 80’s I know, that we made a little chunk of change from and will do again once the weather heats up for good.

All in all I think I have got a solid plan for reaching all my goals this year.

I’ll update my progress come June.

What are some goals you plan to achieve?

Do you have a plan of action?

Glutes & Abs with a sneak preview


Below you can check out the Boot Camp workout we completed Monday evening.

Stay tuned here tomorrow evening for a new recipe too! Oatmeal Protein Cookies… Yum!

Monday June 20, 2011

  • Warm-up: Arm Crosses, Windmills, Hip/Knee/Head Circles, Jumping Jacks
  • Run One lap at a fast pace – out of your comfort zone
  • High Intensity Intervals (2 rounds) Each move done for 30 seconds. Take approximately one minute of rest between rounds. 
    • Burpees
    • Jumping Lunges
    • Side to Side Shuffle
    • Jump Squats
    • Lateral One Legged Hop
  • Run One Lap at Easy Pace – Cooldown
  • Mat Work – Glutes
    • Bridge (Hold 30 seconds for 4 rounds)
    • Side Lying Bicycle (20 Each Leg) (Flex foot forward and point rear)
    • Superman (Right arm with Left Leg, Leg Arm with Right Leg) (20=10 each side)
    • Hyperextended Flutter Kicks (Timed 30 seconds)
  • Core
    • Plank (Hold for 1 minute)
    • Toe Touches  (25)
    • Bicycle Crunches (30 – Each side = 1)
    • Side Plank (Hold One minute each side)
    • Reverse Crunches (25)
    • Russian Twists (25)
  • Stretch
    • Cobra Pose
    • Child’s Pose
    • Lying Glute Stretch
    • Seated Leg Stretches
    • Chest Stretch
    • Standing Leg Stretches
    • Standing Moon Pose

Boot Camp Workout and Weekend Shenanigans

Good evening!

I am sad to see this weekend come to an end. (Ok, so I am sad to see every weekend come to an end!)

Friday night Boot Camp kicked my weekend off in a great way. I truly enjoy every single moment of training with each of my “Recruits.”

After a busy Saturday of some QT with one of my best girls, Jim and I enjoyed a night out with some friends! As usual, Father’s Day was spent the same as every other family Sunday… On the lake! Got in some good wakeboarding and will share some photos soon.

Below I’ve posted the workout we completed Friday. As always please remember: SEEK THE APPROVAL OF A PHYSICIAN BEFORE BEGINNING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM!

Friday June 17, 2011

  • Warm-up: Arm Crosses, Windmills, Hip/Knee/Head Circles, Jumping Jacks
  • Running (2 laps around field)
  • Out and Back (2 rounds)
    • Frog Jumps (Out)
    • 10 Pushups
    • Frog Jumps (Back)
    • 10 Tricep Dips
    • Walking Lunges with Kick (Out)
    • 10 Pushups
    • Walking Lunges with Kick (Back)
    • 10 Tricep Dips
    • 20 Jump Squats
  • Core (2 rounds)
    • Plank (Hold for 1 minute)
    • Toe Touches  (25)
    • Inch Worms (25)
    • Leg Lowers (25 each leg)
  • Stretch
    • Cobra Pose
    • Cat/Cow Pose
    • Seated Leg Stretches
    • Chest Stretch
    • Seated Arm Stretches
    • Standing Leg Stretches

I’m looking forward to the week ahead and some new introductions to Boot Camp! 😉

Boot Camp Workouts Recap

Good afternoon!

As promised to my Boot Camp Ladies, workouts we’ve completed so far are listed below. Hopefully you won’t cringe when you look back at some of them!

Going forward I will recap each in its own post and also link them on the Fitness tab at the top of the page for easier access.

Non-Boot Campers are welcome to use them if they please, just remember as always, PLEASE SEEK THE APPROVAL OF A PHYSICIAN BEFORE BEGINNING ANY EXERCISE PROGRAM!

Wednesday June 8, 2011

  • Warm-up: Arm Crosses, Windmills, Hip/Knee/Head Circles, Jumping Jacks
  • Running (2 laps around field)
  • Out and Back (2 rounds)
    • Walking Lunges (Out)
    • 10 Pushups
    • Walking Lunges(Back)
    • 10 Pushups
    • Walking Squats (Out)
    • 10 Tricep Dips
    • Walking Squats (Back)
    • 10 Tricep Dips
  • Core (2 rounds)
    • Plank (Hold for 1 minute)
    • Russian Twists (25)
    • Push Thrus (25)
    • Reverse Crunches (25)
  • Stretch
    • Cobra Pose
    • Seated Leg Stretches
    • Chest Stretch
    • Standing Leg Stretches
    • Tricep Stretch

Sunday June 12, 2011 (Make-up for Friday – Storm)

  • Warm-up: Same as always
  • Running (2 laps around field)
  • Upper Body (Main Target) (2 rounds)
    • Simple Squats with Shoulder Press
    • Single Arm Dumbbell Swing in Static Squat
    • Static Lunge with Bicep Curls
    • Pushups (10)
    • Bent Over Dumbbell Rows
    • Bent Over Reverse Dumbbell Flyes
    • Tricep Kickback in Warrior Pose
    • Sumo Squat with Tricep Extension
    • Core (2 rounds)
      • Plank (Hold for 1 minute)
      • Toe Touches (25)
      • Side Crunches (25 each side)
      • Leg Lowers (25 each leg)
      • Stretch
        • Cobra Pose
        • Seated Leg Stretches
        • Chest Stretch
        • Standing Leg Stretches
        • Tricep Stretch

Monday June 13, 2011 (Jessye’s Favorite’s)

  • Warm-up: Same as always adding the following for 30 seconds each
    • Butt Kicks
    • High Knees
    • Skater’s
    • 3 Rounds of the following
      • Jumping Lunges (20)
      • Pushups (10)
      • Jump Squats (20)
      • Tricep Dips (10)
      • Core (2 rounds)
        • Plank (Hold for 1 minute)
        • Russian Twists (25)
        • Frog Crunches (30)
        • Stretch
          • Cobra Pose
          • Seated Leg Stretches
          • Chest Stretch
          • Standing Leg Stretches
          • Tricep Stretch

Wednesday June 15, 2011

  • Warm-up: Same as always
  • Running (2 laps around field)
  • Total Body  (2 rounds)
    • Forward Lunge with Bicep Curl (15 each leg)
    • Staggered Hand Pushups (10)
    • Squats with Shoulder Press (15)
    • Laying Chest Press (20)
    • Warrior Pose with Tricep Kickback (15)
    • Laying Dumbbell Pullover (20)
    • Bent Over Dumbbell Row (20)
    • Laying Chest Flye’s (20)
    • Bent Over Reverse Dumbbell Flye’s (20)
    • Core (2 rounds)
      • Plank (Hold for 1 minute)
      • Frog Crunches (30)
      • Side Crunches (25 each side)
      • Boat Pose (Hold for 1 minute)
      • Stretch
        • Cobra Pose
        • Seated Leg Stretches
        • Bicep/Chest Stretch
        • Shoulder Stretch
        • Cow/Cat Pose
        • Standing Leg Stretches
        • Tricep Stretch

You drank a what for breakfast?!?!

I drank a “Green Monster” as they are lovingly referred to in the blogosphere.

I call them a smoothie, but who am I to judge!

Anyway, see recipe below. This recipe has so many variations that the possibilities are endless!

My preferred “Green Monster”

  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • 1 Large handful fresh spinach (Yup! Where did you think the green came from?)
  • 1 1/4 cup soy milk (Can also substitute almond milk or flavored soy milk)
  • 1 tablespoon peanut butter
  • 1 tablespoon protein powder of choice (Or Nesquik – my personal favorite!)
  • 1 cup filled with ice

Blend first 5 ingredients until smooth. Add ice to your preference and continue to blend to your preferred consistency.

I’ve seen lots of variations to this smoothie, some including instant coffee, some made to taste like an Almond Joy, etc. etc.

Try a variation of your own and Enjoy!

13.1 – Check!!

So, I’m cutting myself some slack about this blog. I started it with the intention of posting all kinds of posts related to the healthy choices I make on a daily basis, but haven’t seemed to keep up with it, AT ALL!!

It has been a truly crazy month and I have every intention of changing my blogging habits from here on out.

Since  my last post I have:

1. Run my first Half Marathon. (The Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach Half)

2. Worked out countless times.

3. Taken Spin with my favorite instructor at least twice before my gym membership ran out.

4. Eaten LOTS of Greek Yogurt!!

5. Tickled my son every single day!

6. Taken to mini vacays to visit family in Delaware and New Jersey.

Anyway, the list could go on! But the most important recap will of course be my first Half!!

I am so very proud of myself for completing it and couldn’t be more pleased with my time. Especially considering I’ve only been running regularly since March of this year!

I’ll be posting my race recap this evening and attaching some photos. But for now I’ll leave you with a few shots of the past month!


My Boy and I

My Little Pirate