February Recap

Drum roll please…

We have a STATE CHAMPION in the Grebe household!!

Introducing your NCWAY 2013 State Champion, Bo Grebe!!!!


So proud!!

As a parent, teaching by example is so crucial to your children. It can be tricky sometimes to lead them to make the proper decisions when it comes to exercise and healthy eating habits, but I’m pretty sure we’ve done well with this dude!

He loves to wrestle and he loves some baby carrots!!

In other February news, I got my running mojo back!! You can’t even fathom how on top of the world I am about this tidbit… Seriously, I am ECSTATIC!!

I ran a total of 24 miles in February which surpasses the previous months by leaps and bounds. My longest run was just shy of 7 miles and I felt on top of the world the entire time. I was on fire!!

I have to give credit where it is due, if it weren’t for my girls Erica and Juanita, i wouldn’t have nearly as much motivation to get out there. Oh, and that little Half Marathon I signed up for at the end of April, that might have some impact on my running.

Speaking of halves, I registered for the Diva Half – Myrtle Beach that I mentioned in my last post. I cannot wait!!

Diva's N.M.B


And last but not least, February brought the start of the Girls On the Run spring seasons and my first adventure into to coaching this AMAZING program. We are having a blast so far. We have a full roster (20 girls) and have been enjoying every minute with them.


I am looking forward to watching this program grow here in Harnett County!

Well, it’s off to bed for this girl… I’ve got a nice upper body workout in mind for tomorrow!

How was your February?

All the best,



Make Time

Make time

I saw the above statement posted on Facebook today and it struck a chord with me!

For the longest time I took for granted the fact that I always had an excess of time to use for exercise.

Now having a very busy, full-time real estate career, a husband who is also a real estate broker, a kindergartener who is a motivated wrestler and that little thing called a household to run, time is simply not a given.

Being a fitness instructor was extremely helpful in guaranteeing at minimum 3 workouts per week. And on the weekends I used to always schedule a run with a friend.

Then, I stopped.

I have realized recently that I 100% must schedule exercise and running, I must MAKE the time to do the things I love to do. The things I need to do to stay healthy and feel great!

I have scheduled and completed my workouts so far this week. I have plans to run this weekend. I have made a commitment to myself to continue to do so.

I registered Jim and I for the Rugged Maniac in NC for April 20th. This will be my third year competing and Jim’s second. It gives us something to work toward and helps hold us accountable.

rugged maniac

I believe that giving yourself something to work towards helps you to stay on track. If I pay $$, I’m gonna make it worth it!

I am also contemplating another Half Marathon… If you say it, you gotta do it, right?!?!

My options so far:

The Flying Pirate Half on April 14th in the Outer Banks.

flying pirate



Run for the Warriors Half on May 19th in Jacksonville.

run for the warriors

I am debating this decision, but planning to start a training plan next week… Put up or shut up right?!?

Well, I am off to supervise little man’s after wrestling practice shower and get him ready for bed.

How would you decide between the two above races? Your input is appreciated!!